Mr. Butts is the Chairman of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CROPORATION  which is the owner of over thirty-four divisions and LLCs. And also, Chairman of VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. THE VETERANS.LIVE  BROADCASTING NETWORKS is one of those companies. Every company is dedicated to supporting our countries veterans, their families, and our troops. 

Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation has a very deep history in the development of Broadcasting and Television 

Mr. Butts developed Digital Media Broadcasting Corporation into the first fiber Television Broadcasting Company. Delivering full televised sports over a fiber backbone. This was done with Lockheed Martin, SAVVIS Communications and Edge Technologies. The engineers from all three companies said it could not be done. Lockheed Martin provided 14,000 square feet of office space at the facility in Reston Va. and supported the backend development of the network. SAVIS engineers provided fiber engineering and head end connectivity and transport from their Weehawken, NJ data port. Edge Technologies provided the software integration and DMBC provided the broadcasting technology and uplinks. The Company began on the project on January 4, 2008, and did its first live broadcast on March 4, 2008, at the Jefferson Cup Soccer matches in Richmond VA. Proving Mr. Butts’ theory that you can change “situations, conditions and environments, but you can’t change people” and “you can’t operate in opposite of your most dominate thought”. The engineers were put in a changed situation, condition and environment, with the right dominate thought that they could do it and they did, in only two months.

Mr. Butts developed Digital Media Broadcasting Corporation, to deliver major content. This included signing a contract to broadcast the 2008 WNIT basketball tournament. The finals from Notre Dame, with Notre Dame University against Ohio State University. This was a major undertaking due to not knowing where the finals would be held until the day before the game.  ESPN, COMCAST and FOX all turned the broadcast down because of this, but DMBC signed the agreement, provided the broadcast including, full color commentary and sideline interviews. Mr. Butts negotiated a deal with COMCAST to carry the game without editing by COMCAST on their networks delivered it to 28 million viewers. This was the only time COMCAST ever delivered a non-edited broadcast from another channel.

Mr. Butts also was the first to broadcast the A1 Grand Pix races from around the world including Mexico and Morocco over a live satellite to fiber network delivery with DMBC and SAVVI at 695 kbs. The A-1 Grand Pix Racing Program was owned by the Emir of Dubai and DMBC had the broadcasting rights to the races.

Mr. Butts developed several interactive networks to take advantage of the explosion in the video social media markets. Mr. Butts developed the first sports direct select network, where you can select the player you wish to watch or car the car you wish to ride in. This was developed for a program for the NBA and also Hooters Racing. At the time Hooters and JackaRoo Steak Sauce had a thirty-race schedule circuit and wanted to develop a way to attract new customers to their restaurants. Mr. Butts developed a network allowing customers to watch inside any of the thirty-nine cars in the race while seated at a table in a Hooters Restaurants.  


During this time Mr. Butts developed several NOC coverts programs for Government agencies. This was accomplished by developing broadcasting covers for agents while in training and providing cover as production teams personnel on productions at international events. These have now been declassified.

Mr. Butts also developed his own Broadband Television show with TV Worldwide named After Action Report for the countries Veterans which ran for 4 years. It features very high-profile people from major people like the Center of Excellence and many famous from all over the country to be on the panel regarding PTSD and TBI.

Mr. Butts was featured in January on the TV Webcast show titled Concussions and delivered on the new Concussion TV Network and TV Worldwide and US Vets TV. He was on the panel to discuss the effect of concussions in combat and how it relates to our troops.

​Mr. Butts developed the Faith Based Networks, Interactive College Networks, Interactive Sports Networks and College of Sports Network, utilizing the Nefsis platform. Mr. Butts merged all the networks under one company known as Affinity Networks in 2011.

Mr. Butts developed the first integration of interactive video collaboration into television broadcasting. Mr. Butts was the Keynote Speaker at the 2011 Government Video Expo speaking on this subject

Mr. Butts  has appeared on many tv shows and is known as an innovator of new technology for broadcasting and television. 

Mr. Butts is now developing the largest project ever developed in the Greater Caribbean and is developing the Syndicated Cable Television Show named WorldGate BLUE.