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In-Studio Broadcasting of Television Broadcast

On-Location Shoots

Syndicated Show Development 


DEDRONE Broadcast Event Protection 

Script development 

Talent Interviews and hiring 

Live Streaming Video Webcasts

Video Hosting (including hyper-linking of video from our servers to your web site so it appears to your viewers that it resides there)

Single and Multi-camera Professional Digital Video Production (on-site and in our new state-of-the-art Internet TV studio facility)

Internet Studio Set Design and Construction

Video-Based Web Site Design, Construction and Hosting

Digital Video Post-Production

Streaming Video Consulting Services

Proprietary Closed-Captioned Video Streaming (live and archived)

2-D and 3-D Computer Graphics Animation for Digital Video and the Web

Live Event Webcast Marketing and Public Relations

Proprietary Live and Archived Video Streaming On-Line Interactive Training and Education (including interactive chat and testing)

Live and Archived Internet TV Programming Concept and Script Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution

Interstitial and Superstitial Video Banner Ad Development and Channel Underwriting Partnerships. 

Domestic & International coordination of broadcast.

Satellite Truck Deployment

Satellite Space Brokerage

Uplink and Downlink Deployment

Facilities Integration and Installation 

Event planning and promotion

Athlete Appearances bookings

Entertainment and talent Appearance coordination and booking  

Model Booking and Shoots 

​Special Appearances Booking 




We own and operate more than 70 Ku-band and C-band fully redundant transmission and production vehicles based throughout North America. Our trucks support multipath transmissions, HD productions, 4K broadcasts and IFB/PL communications. Several of them also feature hybrid C/Ku capabilities, multi-dish uplink systems and/or multi-camera switching technology.

In addition to mobile equipment, we offer fixed satellite teleport services through a variety of facilities — including our own PSSI International Teleport.

Our fully redundant flyaway systems are available for rapid deployment worldwide and are certified for operations on COMSAT, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) and other international satellites. Options include HD-capable Ku-band and C-band, 2.4m and 1.8m uplink systems.

​Whether it’s via satellite or fiber, we have the technology to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer both Ku-band and C-band satellite transponder facilities as well as fiber connectivity facilities.

​Anywhere in the world, we’re available 24/7 to ensure your broadcast reaches your audiences without a hitch. Leveraging our expansive internal resources and longstanding partnerships with the industry’s top vendors, we handle all the logistics for you — from transmission coordination and planning to closed captioning, multi-language audio distribution, remote live inserts, international programming distribution, and more.

​You need a connection, and our team is here to help. There are a variety of ways we can support your communications needs, including coordination of telephones, mobile phones, radios, ISDN, satellite phones, VoIP technology and beyond.

RESTREAM     www.restream.io

Over 2,000,000 streamers worldwide choose Restream

Find out why gamers, opinion leaders, marketing managers, media companies, event streamers, and music creators are restreaming with us.

Restream allows THEVETERANS.LIVE  to broadcast live video to 30+ social networks at the same time. Millions of people around the world use Restream to reach, engage and monetize their audiences.
Our customers include professional and amateur gamers, Fortune 500 companies, media, politicians and celebrities.

for Live Broadcast, Video Production and Streaming Events Worldwide. PMTV provides Mobile Production Facilities, Satellite Transmission, Live Streaming & Webcasting Solutions, TV Crews, Project Coordination & Technical Management, and All Relevant Solutions for Client Location Productions.
Our Clients included Broadcast and Cable Networks, Fortune 500 Corporations, Pay Per View Syndication, Entertainment & Media Companies, Artist Management Firms, Independent Video Producers and TV Production Companies.

Broadcast Transmission Solutions
Mobile Ku-Band Uplink Trucks & Flypacks

Mobile C-Band Uplink Trucks & Flypacks

Mobile C/Ku Hybrid Uplink Trucks

Mobile Combo Production & Uplink Trucks

Streaming Transmission Services

IP SAT Uplink Vehicles for Live Streaming

IP SAT Uplink for WiFi & Cellular Event Support

Bonded Cellular Video Uplink Solution

MAC, PC and Black Box Encoding & Technician Services

Affiliated Transmission Services

Satellite Transponder Space: Domestic & International

Venue Fiber IXC Transmission & Management

Teleport Services: UpLink, DownLink, Turnaround

Format Conversion, IP Encoding, Closed Captionin

Providing Custom Solutions for Live Streaming IP Events.

Multi-Camera Mobile Production Vehicles or Video Flypacks for HD or 4K Productions.  

IP Signal Encoding  Agnostic, any format required.  

IP Satellite Uplink, Fiber or Enhanced Broadband services to move your IP signal to the internet.
20x20 MB up/down internet speeds achievable.  

CDN Platforms to host your event and channel preference or create a transparent webpage to link to your website. 

Add Broadband LAN/WIFI/Cellular provisional services capacity to you event location. 

TV Programming, Live Sports, Business TV,  Corporate Communications, Concerts and Entertainment Events.